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Roadmap for Business with a compass on it You know everyone says being an entrepreneur gives you a lot of freedoms, but it also gives you a lot of decisions to make, and sometimes those are not easy. Not only do you need to figure out what business you want to be in, but you also need to research if there is a market for what you want to sell. What problem are you solving for others, who will pay for it? The next steps would be marketing it to these individuals. Everyone says oh you just need a business card and a website, simple right? Well not exactly. I had to go through a complete process of figuring out what I wanted my logo to be, and then what other information I wanted on the website. Words, images, and colors played a huge factor in the final product. Figuring out the correct colors, fonts, and getting the right feel and style for my business was no easy task. It took time for this process to happen for me and trying to figure out how the target market would react to the final product is still a work in progress.

Initially, I tried to do it all on my own and then realized I really needed to talk with some professionals.

 Here’s what I did:

Wendy Russell - Professional Business AdministratorConsult with a Branding Photographer

Jenny Midgley, Storytelling Photography + Content Marketing did more than just the basic take photos, she asked questions about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to help other business owners. She told me I need to let people get to know me, get to like me, and get to trust me. This is probably one of the hardest things I ever did because I really am an introvert and do not like to share too much information about my personal self. Over time, I finally said yes to have photos taken and I posted my photo on Facebook. What a world of compliments that were received!


Consult with a Graphic Designer  

Your Chaos Coordinator A logo says a lot about your business. Initial I was calling my business “Your Small Business Assistant” and it just seemed to be so many words to say. As I was fine-tuning my business services, I was talking with Nanette Castiglione Mattox, Graphic Designer, who helped me with my first logo. We had numerous conversations about what I was doing for business owners. How I was able to give them some calm to their daily chaos. I changed the name of my business to “Your Chaos Coordinator”. Additionally, Nanette was able to add the blocks to represent the chaos to calm. We added colors that I personally liked shades of blue, red, and green. I thought I was set for everything to market my business. I updated my website with all my key marketing information and was about to push everything out to the world. Something just did not seem right to me. At this point, I had been maintaining everything for my website on my own and realized I wanted something even more. 

Consult with a Website Designer

COVID-19 had hit and I had plenty of time to work on this process but I just felt out of sorts and something did not seem right. I reached out to Myra Ray of Print and Web Designer to see how she could assist me with my website.

Myra reviewed my current website and since we had a working relationship, she suggested we do a complete redesign of my site. I had been exploring more about what it is that business owners really needed from me and we had discussed how people need to map out what they want in their business to make it happen. I love the old world maps and have a 1000 piece puzzle that I put together many years ago. It is gold metallic, I have it framed and hanging in my living room. I put this puzzle together while I was pregnant with my firstborn. So as I sat in my dining room talking with Myra, I told her this and said owning your business is like a journey. There are so many aspects to running a business. You need to plot your course of action and enjoy the journey along the way, just like the explorers did for the new world so many years ago. Going out into the unknown, finding your way, and being successful.

Myra put together my new website. She kept the concept of the logo the same but we tweaked the colors to be more in line with the old world map color scheme and calming.

Website heading

Just like many other entrepreneurs, finding my brand was a journey. Owning a business isn’t about one person doing everything, it’s about building a team that works well together and compliments each other. That’s what I offer to you; being part of your team and making sure your chaos turns to calm and getting you closer to your destination. Please feel free to contact me. Perhaps we may work together to find your destination.

Standard Operating Procedures - KISS
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  • Wendy is our team coordinator. Helping the PWD keep organized and flowing, this Chaos Coordinator makes sure everything is in order and on time. We trust her with our clients. Wendy Russell has helped our company create Standard Operating Procedures, fine-tuning each as our company grows.
  • Wendy has been our go-to person at Vibe since we opened our doors. Her top-notch organizational and admin skills makes Wendy an excellent resource for event planning, community outreach and research projects. She has become an integral part of our business and community.
  • I have been extremely pleased with Wendy’s professionalism and her skills. She is also extremely patient and keeps me on top of what I need to be on top of. She always offers sound advice and suggestions when I need them. I appreciate her ability to listen well and execute what jobs she needs to do on time. I highly recommend Wendy and Your Chaos Coordinator!
  • Wendy is an amazing virtual assistant! She helps with organizing events, writing content for our social media posts, following up with business owners who attend our events. If you need help with Content, Calendar or Connections - she's your girl!